What to Bring

Mountain Biking Holidays:

The mountains of Turkey are not the place to break down without spare parts! There’s often little to no chance of finding a repair shop with suitable spares, and while we keep a range of spares and consumables with us at all times we do encourage you to bring any bike specific spare parts you may need for the trip.

Riding can be over rough and rugged terrain: your bike will take a beating – so please make sure that you have it serviced and in good working order before you arrive. In addition, thorns can be a problem, particularly in late summer and autumn, and particularly on the Cappadocia program. We ride ghetto tubeless (standard non-UST rims and tyres converted with a rim strip and Slime) and find them a massive improvement compared to traditional tyres and tubes.

MTB Bike Specific Spares:

We will carry a limited supply of spare parts on the support truck, but you should bring any bike specific spares you may need. Note- if the worst does come to the worst we normally carry at least one spare hire bike with us.
•    Rear mech hanger(s).
•    Brake pads.
•    Spare spokes of the right length for your bike.
•    Spare rear mech – or the ability to ‘singlespeed’ your bike should the worst happen.

MTB Clothing & Kit:

You should be prepared for most conditions. All of our MTB adventures experience mountains over 2000m at some point and on those days we suggest riders are equipped with the following:
•    2 – 3 sets of riding clothes. You will get the opportunity to hand wash your kit throughout the week.
•    Waterproof jacket + Trousers or Shorts
•    Sleeping Bag – a 3 season sleeping bag should do. The Gites do supply blankets if you prefer to travel light.
•    Camelbak or similar. Capable of carrying some group kit as well as your own so 15-20 litre capacity. There are some days that we are away from the support van all day, so will need to be self sufficient.
•    Pump, spare tubes (at least 4), & patches (or even better, go tubeless!)
•    Some form of puncture resistance – tubeless / slime / dual ply tyres etc. There’s so many cocktail stick thorns that can turn a long day out into an epic puncture fest.

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