Aegean Coast Self-Guided Road Bike Touring Easier Version Full Itinerary

Daily distance of 40-70km make this route accessible to most cyclists, and we take full advantage of the support car to transfer up big hills and along less enjoyable sections. This tour includes all the highlights of our original Aegean Road Biking trip, with much less stress and strain- and more time to enjoy the places along the way. 

Day 1: Arrive Izmir Airport and transfer to Selcuk / Sirince
Sirince is a beautiful and very old fashioned wine producing village where you will stay in beautifully restored Greek “Konak” houses. We have time to relax here, enjoy a nice dinner, unpack and build up our bikes and then have a pre-tour briefing. Our dinner at the Arsipel Restaurant is a perfect beginning to an incredible week of perfect Aegean culinary experiences…
Overnight Kirkinca Eveleri Boutique Hotel, Sirince 

Day 2: Sirince – Ephesus – Kirazli – Guzelcamli – Dilek National Park
Aegean Rd Itinerary Collage Day 2
Part 1: Sirince – Ephesus (14km / 170m Climb / 420 Descent). Transfer to Camlik.
From Sirince you follow a new road through vineyards, rolling hillsides and forested countryside, enjoying great views over the citadel before descending into the small town of Selcuk. From here, an easy 1km detour brings you to Ephesus- perhaps Turkey’s number one must see historical site and known to be the most important and best preseved ruined Greek. Roman city in the Eastern Mediterraean! You’ll need at least two hours here, and we recommend taking a local guide

Part 2: Camlik-Kirazli (9km / 60m Climb / 120m Descent). Transfer to Guzelcamli Beach  After a short transfer up the hill to Camlik, your route takes us through fruit orchards and vineyards as it winds up and over rolling hills to Kirazli where you can enjoy a wonderful lunch in a organic local food restaurant.

Part 3: Guzelcamli – Dilek National Park Karasu Beach (19km / 170m Climb / 170m Descent). Transfer to Bafa Kapikiri (1.5 hours) After a short transfer downhill to the coast you follow a cycle way (no traffic) right on the seafront, beside beach cafes and quiet marinas. Continuing along the coast near to the Greek island of Samos, route heads along the peninsula of the wonderful Dilek Peninsula National Park and you should have time to relax on the beach there. From Guzelcamli, we enter the Dilek Peninsula National Park and ride to the very end of the peninsula road (Karasu Beach). Herethere is time to relax on the beach, swim or take a walk up a fantastic canyon path. Depending on time and energy you can choose to ride or take the support vehicle 12km back along the road to our delightful hotel in Guzelcamli. Set in lush gardens with a beautiful swimming pool the Panion Park Residence is a true paradise hideaway.
Total 42km / 420m Climb / 710m Descent
Overnight Panion Park Residences, Guzelcamli

Day 3:  Transfer – Gullubahche – Karina – Transfer to Bafa via Milletos
Luxury Aegean Itinerary Collage Day 4

This is an easy ride, designed to be completed in a morning, leaving the afternoon free for a leisurely sightseeing tour. After breakfast, we drive for 30 minutes up over the Dilek peninsula and past the busy town of Soke to our starting point on the edge of the Buyuk Menderes river delta. This hugely expansive flat lands area makes for some wonderful road cycling, and a great chance to relax. At the end of a beautiful singletrack road that runs right on the seaside, Karina is one of the unknown gems of this tour, and those who wish can swim in the clear water of the bay. We enjoy a lunch here, before loading the bikes onto the support car and heading (via the wonderful old village of Doganbey) to Miletos- an impressive Carian city dating from the 4th century BC. Moving on, we drive around the shore of Lake Bafa, stopping to admire and photograph the awesome mountain panorama behind. Your driver will then transfer you to Lake Bafa: a protected Nature Reserve area, where steep slopes are covered by wild or semi-domesticated olive trees. You stay in a little slice of rustic paradise at the very friendly Selenes Pension. 
Total 30km / 200m Climbing / 240m Descent
Overnight Selenes Pension, Kapikiri – Bafa

Day 4: Kapikiri – Bafa – Selimiye – Latmos Mountains – Milas
Aegean Rd Itinerary Collage Day 3N
Part 1: Kapikiri – Bafa (9km / 40m Climb / 40m Descent). Transfer to Kayabuku
You begin gently, following a meandering path around the lakeside for 8km, through the ruins of Heraklia and then into delightful small-scale pastoral village hamlets. Your driver will be waiting in Bafa village to drive you up into the fabulous Latmos Mountains.

Part 2: Kayabuku – Labranda Road (33km / 640m Climb / 1080m Descent) From Kayabuku, you ride through pristine mountain scenery amongst a landscape of huge granite boulders, mature pine trees and small villages where time really has stood still. There are no shops, restaurants or hotels here and you will picnic with your support car along the route. Sometimes the roads are rough, but the landscapes, views and wonderful tastes of local life here more than compensate! You carry on eastwards until a massive 10km downhill off the mountains, past Comakdag to the Labranda road, where your driver will be waiting to take you onweards to your hotel.
Total 42km / 680m Climb / 1120m Descent
Overnight Milas Han Hotel, Milas 

Day 5: Mazi – Cokertme – Oren – Alatepe – Akbuk
Aegean Rd Itinerary Collage Day 3

Part 1: Yukari Mazi – Cokertme – Oren – Alatepe Hill (39km / 240m Climb / 660m Descent) Transfer to Alatepe (10 minutes)
Todays route takes you through a gorgeous Mediterranean landscape, past little known villages and picturesque seaside coves only frequented by the occasional yacht. It continues east, on small roads through mountainous scenery, enjoying a morning break at the beautiful cove of Cokertme before continuing to Oren, where you can enjoy a restaurant lunch in the shade of palm trees along a pristine beach. From Oren you head inland to a densely wooded valley where there are impressive ruins of a Roman aqueduct to be seen.

Part 2: Alatepe – Kultak – Akbuk (15km / 150m Climb / 570m Descent)
Your driver will be waiting for you at the Roman aqueduct to drive you up the big hill that leads up to Alatepe village. From there you will ride through wonderful hillside panoramas and enjoy breathtaking views. Eventually you arrive again at the coast, high above Akbuk- a nature lovers paradise and a well hidden secret. Akbuk is a protected area and the only development here is a couple of camping and caravanning parks, a small pension (where we stay) and one or two small markets that supply a handful of yachts with essential supplies. It’s a classic Turkish Mediterranean landscape, with steep pine forested hills coming right down to the seaside. The shingle beach is clean, and the jetty makes a perfect diving board into the ocean for a post ride cool down! A fantastic place to finish a great day’s ride- and one that for the moment you will have largely to yourself- especially out of season.
Total 54km / 390m Climb / 1230m Descent
Hotel Altas Pansiyon, Akbuk

Day 6: Akbuk – Akyaka – Yesilbelde – Hisaronu – Turgut – Selimiye
Aegean Rd Itinerary Collage Day 5

Part 1: Akbuk – Akyaka – Gokova – Akcapinar (31km / 420m Climb / 420m Descent) Transfer to top of Yesilbelde hill (25 minutes)
This is a longer and more challenging day, but the cycling is first class and extra effort is amply rewarded! From Akbuk you follow an easy going and incredibly beautiful single track coast road that may perhaps be the best cycling road in Turkey! With no traffic out of season, this relatively flat 30km stretch to Gokova is absolute paradise! In the shade of mature pines with fleeting glimpses down to the azure waters below, it’s a miracle that these places can be so close to Marmaris and yet so blissfully unspoiled! You reach the Mugla – Marmaris road at Akcapinar village and take a short transfer, leaving your driver at the top of the hill on the road to Yesilbelde.

Part 2: Yesilbelde – Main Road (9km / 20m Climb / 180m Descent) Transfer to Hisaronu 
Bypassing the town of Marmaris you enjoy awesome views over the bays, peninsulas and islands below and on clear days can see right over to Akbuk and the Gokova Bay from where you came. This short section is a wonderful freewheel!

Part 3: Hisaronu – Orhaniye – Turgut – Selimiye (27km / 370m Climb /390 Descent) Transfer to Kekik Butik Otel (10 minutes)
From here you head into wonderful Bozburun Peninsula at Hisaronu. Here, the coast road is unforgettably picturesque, meandering it’s way between little visited bays and paradise villages along the peninsula, often right on the waterside. You have a short transfer from Selimiye village to your hotel- a very special place and the most luxurious of the triip. The views are to die for and some the best food in Turkey. Ran by lovely people who put their heart and soul into their homely yet super luxurious boutique hotel, this is one of our favourite places in all of Turkey- the home produced food is superb.
Total 67km / 810m Climb / 990m Descent
Overnight Kekik Boutique Otel, Selimiye 

Day 7: Selimiye – Bozburun – Sogutkoy – Bayirkoy – Icmeler – Marmaris
Part 1: Selimiye – Sogutkoy – Bayirkoy (26km / 580m Climb / 540m Descent) Transfer up the hill from Bayirkoy (15 minutes)
Today you explore the undeveloped and rugged Bozburun Peninsula. The mountainous route is quite challenging though the views and traffic free roads more than make up for it. From Selimiye you pass Bozburun village and have the chance to view the construction of the world’s largest wooden hulled yacht. Then you head into the mountainous hinterland, climbing into the hills via Sogutkoy to Bayirkoy- a wonderfully picturesque place set in lush, green hills where we eat a picnic lunch beneath a plane tree that truly is 1880 years old.

Part 2 Bayirkoy – Icmeler – Marmaris (19km / 50m Climb / 580m Descent) Transfer Dalyan 
After lunch, your driver will transfer up the big, long hill that climbs out of Bayirkoy, and you start riding in mature pine forst high above the shimmering sea below. The ride to this point has been a mixture of awesome coast roads and steep mountain lanes so the beach resort of Icmeler will be a strange sight. On arriving in Marmaris, you cut across the seaside strip here on the beachfront cycleway, and continue to the centre of town- where your driver awaits to transfer you to the charming and peaceful riverside village of Dalyan. Your base overlooks the clear blue waters of the Dalyan River, where you can often see fresh water turtles, amongst a host of wildlife that visits this natural haven.
Total 45km (630m Climb / 1120m Descent)
Overnight Dalyan Pension, Dalyan 

Day 8: Koycegiz – Sultaniye – Candir – Kaunos – Dalyan
Aegean Rd Itinerary Collage Day 7

Part 1: Transfer to Koyceğiz – Sultaniye – Çandir – Dalyan
Your final day of road biking takes it a little easier in order to appreciate the incredible diversity, uniqueness and picturesque splendour of Dalyan. From Marmaris, we drive you to the lakeside town of Koycegiz (30 mins) and from there you begin a tour around the lake- with it’s incredible hot springs and mud baths- perfect for relaxing road weary muscles! You ride through Sultaniye and Candir before stopping to explore the ancient city and admire the massive Lycian rock tombs at Kaunos. It’s an easier day cycling wise, but just what the doctor ordered to go home feeling refreshed and relaxed! Our base overlooks the clear blue waters of the Dalyan River, where you can often see fresh water turtles, amongst a host of wildlife that visits this natural haven. Plus, an optional 2-wheeled excursion to the famous Iztuzu Beach (or indeed the viewpoint 800m above) is available for those with any energy left!
Total 41km (575m climb / 595 descent)
Overnight Dalyan Pension, Dalyan 

Day 9: Transfers and Travel
Our last day together- time to pack up bikes and enjoy a lazy breakfast on riverside. We transfer to Dalaman Airport for connecting flights.
Tour ends here.

2 thoughts on “Aegean Coast Self-Guided Road Bike Touring Easier Version Full Itinerary

  1. We are travelling to Turkey for the first time and would love to cycle the Agean coast.
    We arrive 14th June Istanbul and depart 22 June.
    Is there a tour or self guided tour we could do during this time?
    We have recently cycled Central America and loved the challenge it offered.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon
    Kind regards
    Louise Cahir

    • Hi Louise, Thanks for getting in touch. The Aegean Road tour is a really lovely trip in all respects- though of course very different from Central America! June is still a good time to ride- you can be assured of warm, sunny and dry weather and the ocean is perfect for swimming 🙂 We don’t have a group tour scheduled around those dates but how about a self-guided option? You could opt for an English speaking driver / guide on the supported self-guided package which gives you the best of all worlds! Or is it exclusively with a larger group that you would prefer to ride?

      Looking forward to your reply via email and best regards,

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