We ride in some of the most magical, unforgettable destinations that Turkey has to offer. Click on the links below to find out more detailed info on each region!

Cappadocia- for more info click here
Click here for more info on Cappadocia

Aegean Coast- for more info click hereClick here for more info on the Aegean Coast


4 thoughts on “Destinations

  1. Is it possible to rent a bike from you and explore the trails on your own? Do you have maps of the trails?
    How much is it to rent a bike for a day? Thank you!

    • Hi Dave, Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, bike hire is possible from our HQ in Goreme (booking in advance always recommended!). We have Trek X-Caliber 9 (30 Euros per day) and Trek Roscoe 8 at 40 Euros per day, including helmet. We have maps, but I would really recommend you take a guide, at least for the first day- there are so many trails around here- and it is hard to find the best lines on your own. I’ll send you an email with some details anyway! Cheers, Jon

  2. We are a couple in our forty’s who are visiting turkey for the first time.
    We would like to spend a day or maximum two on cycling trip.

    We are reasonably fit as we go to the gym twice a week, but we would rate ourselves as grade 1 bikers as we don’t cycle regularly.

    Do you have any suggestions for us? We dont mind joining a larger group if it is a two day event.

    • Hi Rohan. Many thanks for getting in touch! My cycling tour suggestions will depend somewhat on which parts of the country you’ll be visiting. Turkey is a big country, and whilst long distance travel by internal flight or bus is affordable and easy, you can’t visit everywhere in one trip! My suggestion would be Cappadocia- it’s a wonderful region, there is lots to see and do, and we have a wide range of guided and self-guided biking programs there (with both personal and group options) that will suit you perfectly! Did you plan on visiting Cappadocia? All my best, Jon

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