Daily Biking Tours

Daily Biking Tours in Goreme, Cappadocia

Daily tours offer the maximum amount of freedom and choice in any Turkish bike tour. We frequently operate centre based tours from our base in Goreme, Cappadocia- an incredibly scenic area which is fast becoming a hub for all kinds of biking experiences!

A made-to-measure full day guided road or mountain biking tour costs 180 Euros per person (1 pax), 120 Euros per person (2 pax), 100 Euros per person (3 pax), 90 Euros per person (4+ pax). Prices include a very good restaurant lunch and good quality bike and helmet hire. Private or open groups are available- please email us for details. 

Click here to see our most popular Goreme Singletrack Daily Tours Itineraries. Click here to see our non-technical MTB Goreme Cycle Touring Itineraries. zemi-tunnel-goreme-singletrack Some advantages to centre based tours over residential holidays:

  • Less expensive for couples and small groups
  • Complete freedom in choosing accommodation options and restaurants
  • Choose the dates that suit you
  • Take a rest day to go sightseeing or walking and don’t pay for the biking tour!
  • Free impartial expert advice on routes, terrain and points of interest

Goreme Centre-Based Singletrack MTB Tours

Goreme’s singletrack MTB trails are becoming increasingly popular and offer world class trail biking. There are at least three days worth of world class trails within riding distance of Goreme, and if you decide to repeat your favourite routes more than once then a fully loaded week of singletrack riding becomes a real possibility. The trails really are addictive, you will not be disappointed! For the less adventurous there are also plenty of easy dirt road biking options- often linking up some of the region’s most must see sights!
Click here to see our most popular Goreme Singletrack Daily Tours Itineraries.

Goreme Dirt Road Biking Tours (Non-technical MTB)

Cappadocia is a perfect region to cycle tour, with a well developed network of traffic free roads, sandy dirt tracks, smooth and easy footpaths and an almost endless list of sights and experiences. We have quality bikes for hire in our Goreme office, and know some excellent routes too (guided and self-guided options available). We also have road bikes and a selection of challenging asphalt tours- contact us for details.
Click here to see our non-technical MTB Goreme Cycle Touring Itineraries.

Goreme Office:

Goreme is a small village in central Cappadocia- an area known for it’s magical lunar landscapes, “fairy chimney” rock towers, dormant volcanoes and lush, hidden gardens. Enter Cappacocia and you enter a new world- one that time has left behind. But at the same time you’ll find one of the best balances between tourism facilities and unspoilt charm. You’ll also find yourselves in one of Turkey’s best cycling destinations. Our office is very easy to find- directly opposite Butterfly Balloons on the road that goes up towards Pigeon Valley.

Cycling in Cappadocia:

Whether you plan to take a day or two to poodle around Goreme’s glorious valleys on two wheels or you’re looking for a week long journey of discovery we can help! We’ll suggest routes, free of charge to let you explore the area at your own speed. Or we can help with logistics like taking your luggage onto the next hotel. Or we can organise your entire trip! Goreme has been our home for the last 15 years and we know the area like the backs of our hands! Just contact us for advice and ideas!

28 thoughts on “Daily Biking Tours

    • Hi Juan, Nice to hear from you! We do have availability for July 10th. I will send you an email with more details. Looking forward to seeing you! Best regards, Jon

  1. Hi could you please send me ore information on the mtb tours. I’m very much interested in the singletracks and don’t mind doing them alone but would need to rent a bike. I will be in turkey from 1 may. I’m interested in daily tours and bike hire. Please can you let me know about prices too. The Rand is very weak right now.

    • Hi Abdul, thanks for getting in touch. I’ll send you an email with details about our daily tours. The singletracks around Goreme are awesome… if you are planning to come to Cappadocia then you must ride!!! All best, Jon

  2. Morning! My husband and I will be spending 4 days in Goreme at the end of April and are very interested renting road bikes while we’re there. Can you please send me more information about costs, the types of road bikes available and suggestions for areas to explore. Many thanks!!!

  3. My wife and I will be in Cappadocia from late April 12th (should be arriving by bus) to the morning of April 16th (leaving Kayseri for Istanbul). We are interested in mountain biking some or all of our visit. What are your daily rental rates?
    We would probably go self guided. We are 63 and 64 (opps), but experienced mountain bikers (single track and some downhill) in pretty good shape (ah, except for my ski injured titanium knee). Your photos along with everything we have heard of your area look wonderful. We might enjoy some single track play as well as perhaps traveling between villages for accommodations and even avoiding or beating the tour bus crowds. I suppose that would involve luggage transfer or do you rent panniers, as well? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  4. I will be staying in Goreme for 3 nights arriving on like to go mountain biking for a day. Are there any companies that offer half day mountain biking tours with bike equipent and a guide? Thanks. Angela

    • Hi Angela, Yes, we can offer you a wide range of half day mountain bike tours! Our day tours include all equipment and guide, and we have some world class mountain biking on our doorstep here in Goreme! When are you planning to come and how many are there in your party please? Many thanks, Jon

      • hi jon, I’ll be in capadocia for 03 nights from 16 to 18 June. I want to do the bike ride on the 16th. I can do a full day’s ride.
        I’ll be alone, my friends do not ride bikes. Can you advise what the cost of the tour? you can catch me at the hotel? Thank you Angela – my e-mail Is asouza@youinc.com.br

      • Hi Jon
        I’ll arrive on June 14th at night, and I’d like to do the tour on June 15th, I’m alone. I’d like to kwon how much dos is cost ? and is possible you pick up me at the hotel? i prefer to do the tour early in the morning. I await tou retorn. thank Angela

  5. We are a group very young to early 60’s, we are looking for a villa to accomodate a group of 10 family style holiday, but in an area where up to 4 could have mountain bike experience as part of the holiday. So it would need to be centre based. Could you offer any suggestions

    • Hi John, Thanks for getting in touch. My advice would be to centre yourselves in the Cappadocia region, where we are based. Great road or MTB cycling is close by, and there are plenty of accommodation options. I’ll email you with some more details. All the best, Jon

  6. Hi
    I’m in Turkey for only a short trip from April 8-14 and was hoping to hit up Istanbul and Cappadocia. I’m a novice MTB but have a fairly high level of fitness and thought a day or even 1/2 day of MTB with you guys in Cappadocia would be stellar. Is it warm enough around that time of year? Would you have trails for keen novices?

    I look forward to hearing from you with suggestions and comments.


    • Hi Joanna,
      Thanks for getting in touch!
      Early April should be fine for biking in Cappadocia- a bit chilly still in the evenings but generally sunny!
      It would be a pleasure to show you around!
      We normally only offer day tours for groups of two or more but if you are a solo traveller we may be able to accommodate you.
      What date were you thinking about coming to Cappadocia?

  7. Hi, We are heading to Cappadocia this October and want to do some mountain biking. We are fairly fit and do lots of single track and downhill at home in BC. Do you rent all the gear? (pads/helmets/bikes?) Are there trail maps for that region??
    Thanks so much..

    • Hi Genevieve. Great to hear you are coming to Cappadocia. I’ll be there until the 22nd October and would be glad to show you around some of the best trails. We do rent bikes (Specialized Rockhopper Comps in v. good condition), and rental includes helmet and gloves, but we don’t have pads. To be honest, the majority of the terrain, although really steep and challenging, is actually quite smooth and sandy- so neither full suspension or pads is probably really necessary here. It is absolutely great trail biking though, as you’ll see! There aren’t any decent trail maps, but you can get some .GPX files from us of course 🙂 Are you interested in a full week long tour, daily excursions, or just bike hire? Cheers, Jon

  8. Hello, we’re thinking of coming to Turkey in November and would like to do some road cycling, perhaps Cappadocia but we’re not sure about the weather- can you please advise? thank you.

    • Hi Barbara. To be quite honest November in Cappadocia can be really bad weather and I wouldn’t advise a cycling holiday there any later than, say, October 20th. A more sensible area to go would be the Aegean Coast, which often is very pleasant right through the winter. However, if serious rains do come, they sometimes come in November- so there would be the chance of bad weather there too. Sorry to not be more helpful but October would be better!

  9. Hi, I am going to Bodrum in a couple of weeks and would like to go mountainbiking. I was wandering if there are any downhill trails near which are of interest? I would like to hire everything, bike pads, helmet and would like like to know if there are any companies near who could help.

    • Hi Allan. I’m afraid that around Bodrum there isn’t really any proper MTB infrastructure at all, let alone a trail centre with lifts, gear etc… We will be putting together a MTB tour of the Aegean region soon, but to be honest Turkey’s first single centre downhill specific MTB holiday is most likely to be on Erciyes volcano, in Cappadocia, in central Turkey. Sorry not to be of more help and have a great holiday!

      • Thats a shame, thanks for the info anyway. I will just have to enjoy the sun by the pool. I will try and book one of your tours at a later date. Thanks again.

  10. I will be staying in Goreme for 3 nights arriving on 21/05/12, May 21, and would like to go mountain biking for a half day. Are there any companies that offer half day mountain biking tours with bike equipent and a guide? Thanks. Diane

    • Hi Diane. Yes, Middle Earth Travel, based in the centre of Goreme, will be able to help you with a great half day guided tour in the local area. You can email them at info@middleearthtravel.com. It’s also possible that I may be there myself too and could guide you personally. Do you have MTB experience and what level of fitness would you say you were at? All the best, Jon.

  11. I am interested in a half day biking experience for 2 adults and 2 children aged 11 and 9.5. Could you let me know what the possibilities might be? We are going to be in Cappadocia April 20-21.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Amanda, thanks for your enquiry. Half day rides based at office in Goreme, Cappadocia, offer some of the most incredible cycling anywhere in the country. There are plenty of traffic free dirt roads with fantastic scenary. I would suggest a simple transfer in the morning to get you to a high place at the start of a great route back to Goreme. Something like 20km would probably be plenty and could take in several of the areas best sites too! Would you like me to put you an itinerary together? All the best, Jon

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