Sina in Privateer Magazine

We were thrilled when legendary MTB journalist Seb Rogers came to Cappadocia to write a feature on Sina Solouksaran- mega talented Iranian Biking in Turkey guide, XC racing champion and singletrack pioneer. Privateer is a Journal of Mountainbiking- an exclusive bi-monthly publication made for enthusiasts by enthusiasts and featuring high quality photojournalism that isn’t overrun with adverts. Sina’s story, as an Iranian social refugee, is compelling and a must read. Click here for more info on Privateer magazine. Click the images for more on our Cappadocia Singletrack Tour itinerary!
Photos copyright of Seb Rogers.
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Stunning 13th Century Frescoes

Incredible rock cut church with some of the finest frescoes to be found anywhere in Cappadocia- one of the highlights of our new road tour… The church in this walled monastery complex is unique as it is believed to present the works of 3 different artists. It also unusually has painted hunting scenes, featuring strangely depicted animals, in an upstairs room, plus a warren like underground city. Click here to find out more about the Cappadocia Road Biking tour!
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New Technical Challenge on Cappadocia Singletrack Tour!

This one came out of nowhere… A totally hidden and completely unknown ancient access into one of our favourite canyons. It’s a lot steeper than it looks. You need plenty of speed and bags of confidence. The steps are cut in left and right, as if a giant walked up there when the rock was still molten. Check it out:

All Systems Go!

Last week we flew out to Cappadocia to begin to look for new MTB routes and check that our tours are the best out there. 7 days of dirt, dust, rock and entangled greenery later and we’re still in one piece but this is only just the beginning. It’s been one hell of a ride, from the lush rock gardens around Goreme to the wide open spaces of the region’s deep south here’s 3 of the week’s best photos, see more at our Facebook HQ, here.