Cappadocia Adventure Gravel Bikepacking- Full Itinerary

Day 1: Flight to Nevsehir / Kayseri Airport.
Transfer to Goreme. The transfer takes around 40 minutes and 1 hour from Nevsehir and Kayseri respectively. We settle in to the comfort of a good quality “Cave” hotel, and will return here at the end of the tour should you need to leave any excess baggage / bike bags etc. There should be time to assemble and /or fit bikes, have dinner and soak up the unforgettable atmosphere here. On self-guided tours, you can also visit our office, discuss the tour ahead, and check your bikes and spare parts kits with our experts. Guided tours enjoy a full briefing over dinner and a couple of beers!
Overnight Boutique Cave Hotel, Goreme

Day 2: Transfer – Mamasun Lake – Catalsu – Kizilkaya – Selime
Total 30km / 330m climb / 260m descent
We drive for 1 hour to Mamasun Lake, near Aksaray, in Cappadocia’s southwest corner. This easy first day’s ride follows a beautiful dirt road circuit around the lake with panoramas over wheat fields and views to the often snow-capped Hasan Dag volcano. The route continues via Gokce village to Catalsu- an ancient settlement with many old ruined houses and a graveyard that juts out into the lakes blue waters. Continuing around the lakeshore, you rejoin the main valley at Kizilkaya, 10km below the base of the main Ihlara Canyon. We pass by superbly grand, ruined old Ottoman houses and an abandoned troglodyte monastery complex on a rough road that leads up river on a shady trail. Finally we arrive in Selime where you can explore the incredible rock-cut monastery and Star Wars scenery in the evening light. Here our driver will be waiting to take us 15 minutes up the hill to Guzelyurt- a charming formerly Greek-speaking small town perched on the hillside. 
Overnight Cappadocia Ihlara Caves, GuzelyurtCapp Adv SG Itinerary Collage Day 2

Day 3: Short transfer – Selime – Ihlara Valley – Belisirma – Ihlara village – Kitreli – Ilisu – Guzelyurt
Total 42km/ 1050m climb / 700m descent

This is a challenging 2nd day’s ride, although as much of the way is on asphalted back roads the distance and elevation are easily conquered! After an early breakfast, we have a short transfer back down the hill to Selime (where the tour left off yesterday). The canyon itself has fantastic views and sheer rock faces on each side and 28 rock-cut churches to explore- a real highlight of the region. After 9km of singletrack MTB riding (one section on foot) we arrive at Belisirma- a great place for a morning drink. From Belisirma, after a steep climb out of the canyon, we continue on a quiet asphalt road to Ihlara village. From here, we follow quiet asphalt and dirt roads into the wide open rolling foothills of the Melendes mountains and the village of Kitreli, where there are local restaurants to have lunch. From here, we ride on to Ilisu village, and then on an old dirt road to Guzelyurt- with commanding views over the flat lands and canyon below. After 40km riding, we arrive in Guzelyurt’s Monastery Valley- a charming historical part of the town with lots to see including 19th century “Small Hagia Sofia, underground cities (bring a torch!) and rock cut churches. Tonight we stay in one of Cappadocia’s finest “Konak” boutique hotels and enjoy a real taste of Ottoman grandeur. Note- there is a big hill leading up to Kitreli and the ride may be shortened by following the signposted asphalt road direct from Ihlara to Ilisu.
Overnight Cappadocia Ihlara Caves, Guzelyurt
Capp Adv SG Itinerary Collage Day 3

Day 4: Guzelyurt – Sivrihisar – Red Church – Nar Lake – Sofular – Gaziemir – Soğanlı
Total 32km / 720m climb / 950m descent
Our ride begins from the hotel and takes us up over a 1780m pass at Sivrihisar village with fantastic views over the plains below. The route descends through the old, deserted part of the village to Red Church- one of the oldest Cappadocian Orthodox churches that dates from the 5th or 6th century. From there, we cross a relatively flat mountain “yayla”- a green pasture surrounded by mountains where we often see shepherds and their flocks. Following a dirt road across the grassy plain we pass our first “fairy chimney” rocks before descending to Nar village.

From Nar Village we climb up through ruined cave houses to arrive at the crater of Nar Lake- an awesome extinct volcanic caldera whose sulphurous waters are an ever-changing chameleon of greens, yellows and blues. From here, a rough dirt track (vertiginous and singletrack in places!) down to the lakeshore- an excellent spot for a picnic lunch. We continue downhill through Sofular Valley to reach the little-visited village of Gaziemir- home to a huge underground city complex that you might like to visit. A taste of unexplored and off the beaten track Anatolian rural life- there’s plenty to take in and lots of photo opportunities! We meet your driver in Gaziemir, transfer on to Soganli. If time allows, we can stop in Derinkuyu and visit the “underground city” there too! In Soganli we stay in the homestead style traditional cave rooms of Emek Pension and enjoy a delicious meal on the terrace.
Overnight Emek Pension, Soğanlı
Capp Adv SG Itinerary Collage Day 4

Day 5: Soganli – Baskoy – Derventbasi – Sobessos – Taskinpasa – Keslik – Mustafapasa
Total 46km / 700m climb / 870m descent
This morning starts with an optional circular bike tour (first on asphalt, then on singletrack trail) around the valley to visit several incredible rock cut churches. It then continues on a quiet asphalt road past Guzeloz to the lovely little village of Baskoy. From here a tractor track leads up through green trees to Debenbasi at the head of the canyon. From here we set off on easy dirt roads, gradually climbing up over the Sahinefendi Pass before dropping down into the Damsa valley where we visit the Roman ruins at Sobessos- unique in Cappadocia with some very fine mosaics. We follow the road north, visiting the medresse and Selcuk mosque at Taskinpasa and the monastery at Keslik. Amidst awesome scenery this ride is a perfect balance of restful freewheeling and memorable historic sites. From Cemil we turn onto a dirt road and follow through paradise scenery of vineyards, fruit trees and first tastes of the “fairy chimney” valleys with great views of the Damsa lake below. Finally we arrive into Mustafapasa, and have time to explore this fascinating historical Greek village before relaxing for the evening in the comfort of a very nice boutique hotel
Overnight Boutique Hotel, Mustafapasa
Capp Adv SG Itinerary Collage Day 5

Day 6: Mustafapaşa – Gomeda Valley –  Ortahisar (lunch) – Ibrahimpaşa – Uçhisar – Göreme
Total 35km / 700m climb / 650m descent
Today we set off on a tour of wonderful panoramas, through some of Cappadocia’s most awesome and memorable terrain. Towering “fairy chimneys”- interestingly shaped giant rock stacks- and sharply ridged, deeply eroded rocky corridors give the landscape a lunar feel. This is balanced perfectly by green, lush valleys over brimming with fruit trees, vines, and poplars. From Mustafapasa we follow a scenic dirt road down across Gomeda valley, where there are interesting remains of ancient rock cut cave churches to explore. Now climbing through stunning scenery, without too much exertion we arrive in the hillside fortified village of Ortahisar- where there are plenty of lunch options.

After lunch, we shortly retrace our steps, and follow the tractor track up through Balkonderesi valley to Ibrahimpasa, where we stop and drink tea in a traditional teahouse. We then begin a big climb on a beautiful dirt track that takes us up towards Ibrahimpasa village- a picturesque, unspoiled place with plenty of local charm. We continue to a panoramic viewpoint on Karlitepe high above the Goreme valley and enjoy one of the area’s most stunning views. From here a rough tractor track takes us downhill to Uchisar- an unmissable setting with a chance to climb on foot to the top of it’s imposing rock hewn hill fort. From here we follow an easy but superb dirt road that skirts the canyon edge of Love Valley, with fantastic views of unbelievable landscape of fairy chimneys and deeply eroded tuff rock scenery. It’s also possible to follow a singletrack trail in the valley itself for those with MTB experience. From the bottom of Love Valley we take a sandy dirt road to Goreme- right in the centre of the wonderful touristic heart of the region. Goreme is a lively and youthful place, in touch with its roots as a backpacker hub and offering a wide range of cafes, bars and restaurants. It’s also right at the centre of an indescribable moonscape of needle splined tuff ridges, steep sided canyons and “fairy chimneys”- epic stacks of rock carved with age old cave houses, churches and beautifully decorated pigeon lofts.
Overnight Boutique Cave Hotel, Goreme
Capp Adv SG Itinerary Collage Day 6

Day 7: Göreme – Gorkundere – Cavusin – Urgup – Rose Valley – Göreme
Total: 33 km / 500m Climbing / 500m Descent
This circular ride from Goreme circumnavigates the table top mountain known locally as Boz Dagi. Leaving Goreme, the route takes us first through the beguiling backstreets of the old village, past rustic caves and rock carved settlements that have been turned into boutique hotels and charming shops over the last 20 years. We explore the scenic Gorkundere valley, and gawp at the towering “fairy chimneys” there. The route here is “same way up as down”, leaving you free to explore as much or as little as you prefer- also on foot if you choose to leave the bikes. From there, we head out across the dusty plains to Cavusin, enjoying fleeting glimpses over to Rose and Red Valleys to the right. Stopping in Cavusin to visit the impressive 5th century Church of St John the Baptist, we set off on a relatively flat, sandy dirt track via the incredible “fairy chimneys” of Pasabagi, to the dry, barren landscape of Devrent Valley. From here, a brief asphalt climb rewards us with an easy cruise downhill to the vibrant and youthful town of Urgup- where we enjoy a good restaurant lunch on the town square. From Urgup we take a gently climbing dirt road up a shady valley that is awash with butterflies and wildflowers in the early season. We gain height relatively easily, and without too much exertion arrive at the Panoramic Viewpoint above Red Valley- to enjoy one of the region’s most fantastic landscapes. From your high point here, we descend on smooth, ever-narrowing and eventually very steep trails that bisect a spur separating Rose and Kiliclar valleys. The final section of the tour is on singletrack paths, but even first time mountain bikers will enjoy their smooth, undulating nature as we wonders back to Goreme via the stone stacks, rock-cut pigeon lofts and age-old churches of Swords Valley (Kiliclar). The end of a fairly challenging but hugely rewarding last day!
Overnight Boutique Cave Hotel, Goreme
Capp Adv SG Itinerary Collage Day 7

Day 8: Transfer to Nevsehir ot Kayseri Airport for onward travel
We transfer you back to Nevsehir / Kayseri Airport for flight home or onwards journey. The tour ends here.

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  1. Hi Emoke, Many thanks for getting in touch. We can certainly organise a great biking tour for you in Cappadocia next month! I’ll send you an email with full details. Kind regards, Jon

  2. Hi! I’m visiting Cappadocia for only two days in August (23rd PM to 25th PM). We’d really like to tour the area on mountain bike. Can we do your self guided tour / do you provided bike rentals? Thank you!

    • Hi Kelly, Thanks for your message. We normally only offer self-guided programmes of 2 days or more, but you would be very welcome to hire our bikes (we have 2015 model Trek X-Caliber 9 29ers available). However, if you have only a short time to explore the area I would heartily recommend a guided bike tour, at least on one of the days. Could that be an option for you? All my best, Jon

  3. Hello, could you give me average cost of a weeks self guided and also fully guided 6 day mtb tour in capadocia please. Thanks, Jonathan.

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for your email. In order to price your tours all I’ll need to know is whether you mean 6 full days of biking (with a transfer day either side) or 6 days including transfers? If you prefer the latter option, it may be possible to transfer and bike on the first or last days, depending on your timing. Also, is the tour just for yourself, or will you be travelling with someone? Do you have any dates in mind? Looking forward to hearing from you- please send a mail to

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    My husband and I are interested in the self-guided tour for our honeymoon in October – can you email us information on pricing and if this can be shortened to a 5 day trip?


    • Hi Lydia. Nice to hear from you. Yes- we can shorten the tour to five days for you. October is the perfect time to ride! I’ll send you an email with pricing and options. Thanks again, Jon.

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    I would be interested in the Cappadocia single track MTB. I am available from May 19th to May 31th. What can be set up? What about the Cappadocia Adventure biking? Can we add a few more days of biking? or visiting?

    • Salut Jean-Francois! Yes, we can definitely organise something for you! I’ll send you an email with some options! Thanks for getting in touch and all the best, Jon

    • Hey Tony, The best times for this tour are from late March to early June. And then from September to late October. There’s a risk of rain in March and April however! Hope that helps…

    • Hi Tony, Unfortunately there is too much snow around to do this tour in February! Our Aegean options are available though and the weather is often perfect there at that time of year…

  6. We would like to do the Cappadocia self ride option, does that mean we have to do it October on the particular date?

    • Hi Philip and Renée, with the self guided option you can choose any dates to suit your requirements! You can even lengthen or shorten the tour if you like! I’ll email you with some details! Thanks for getting in touch.

  7. Hi

    My husband and I are interested in the Cappadocia Adventure Biking Trip. I notice that the next trip is October. Can you tell me if you have enough people booked to make this trip guaranteed to run? Also, are there any plans to run this trip in September?


    • Hi Janice, Thanks for getting in touch! This trip may run but it’s becoming very popular in the self guided option- I’ll email you with some details! Best regards, Jon

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