2024 Dates and News

With the pandemic firmly behind us, travel opportunities have been restored to normal, and Cappadocia is becoming more well known on the international independent tourism scene. Particularly, images featuring the fine boutique cave hotels around Göreme, nestled among dawn skies dotted with hundreds of colourful hot air balloons, have become well-know Instagram hot spots.

Though in 2023-24 we will still be running our most popular cycling tours as fixed date departures, it is true that since the pandemic the trend for private guided groups and self-guided tours has gathered momentum- which sadly does make it harder for us to fill the open groups. Bookings for the open groups come in ever more last minute, which makes it harder for the others in the group to plan ahead. In the case of fewer than the minimum number of riders signing up, we will notify you within 1 month of the departure date, and offer the tour with a small group supplement, or alternatively a self-guided option. However, it also means that you’re an individual, couple or small group you can get together with others, make friends and save on the costs.

Private groups (with enough notice) are possible at any time- just send us an email with your requirements!

2024 Road Biking Tours:

Aegean Coast Road Bike Touring 
27 April – 4 May
21 – 28 September
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Cappadocia Road Bike Touring:
11 – 18 May
28 September – 5 October
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2024 Mountainbiking Tours:

Cappadocia Singletrack Biking:
4 – 11 May
14 – 21 September
29 September – 6 October
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Kackar Mountains MTB
If you are interested in this tour, please get in touch!
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Morocco Atlas Mountains Enduro MTB
If you are interested in this tour, please get in touch!
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31 thoughts on “2024 Dates and News

  1. Hi,

    My partner and I would be interested in the Cappadocia Single Track trip, either the Aug or Sep departures. Do you have availability for these?



    • Hi Satu, Thanks for your interest. We currently have availability on both August and September dates, though normally the September option is more popular and more likely to arrive at a good group size. Let’s be in touch via email for more details, questions etc! Kind regards, Jon

  2. Hello , I am interested in Aegean Coast Road Bike Touring
    27 April – 5 May
    I am a solo traveler and want to join guided group cycling. I want to know more about level of difficulty as I am not very good in climbing and want a nice easy level road cycling vacation. Also what will be the final price if I do not have my own bike

    • Hi Samira, Thanks for getting in touch. The Aegean Road tour is a wonderful trip, really beautiful and perfect weather in April too. Difficulty is not an issue as the support vehicle is always on hand to help you up the hills if required! You can join as a single rider with no supplement. I’ll send you some more details by email! Thanks again, Jon

  3. Hi there,

    Would you have any tours that aren’t advertised running around the last week of March 2018? I have some time off I need to take around that time and I am looking for a cycling holiday.



    • Hi Cary, Thanks for your message. We don’t run any scheduled groups in March, but the weather is often perfect for riding, even in Cappadocia, and reliably warm on the Aegean coast. Did you have a certain programme in mind? Perhaps you could look at a solo guided or self guided option? Or we could open a new date and find others to join you…. Let me know via email. Best regards, Jon

    • Hi Oksana,
      Thanks for your email. The only tour we have scheduled is Kackar Mountains MTB. It’s a wonderful tour! I’ll send you details by email…

    • Hi Gok. It is possible to ride Cappadocia MTB into December. Very unlikely to be snow, but possible to be chilly (8-12 degrees in the days). If you bring some thermals and unseasonal weather aside it should be perfect! Please reply to my email with further details! Cheers, Jon

    • Thanks for getting in touch with us. The Aegean Road trip is possible and recommended in late March. The weather is often perfectly sunny, and warm without being overly hot. The landscapes are green and there are lots of wild flowers on the hills! Kind regards, Jon

  4. are you running the daily single track trips in October, say between 12 – 14 October. I think we would primarily be interested in the weekend warrior trip.

    • Hi Chris, Nice to hear from you… We will be running daily singletrack trips in October, although currently there are no bookings for 12th-14th October. Are you travelling alone? In any case the best thing to do is to sign up, and then we’ll advertise the tour for others.
      Even in the worst case where you have a 1-to-1 guided tour the price of 150 Euros (including bike hire and a good restaurant lunch) is very good value… Looking forward to hearing from you, All best, Jon

  5. hello
    Has any person booked Aegean Coast for 14-21 June 2015 yet ? Will you decrease the fare if more people attend in this tour ? What is the lowest possible cost for this tour?!

    • Hi Majid, Thanks for your interest. There are already two other riders booked on the 14th June departure of Aegean Road Biking. We expect to reach a small group of 4-6 people, and will run the tour at the advertised price. We do not make discounts in this case, but would welcome you to join! All my best, Jon

  6. Hi,
    Apologises if this is somewhere on your website and I can’t find it, but please could you send me some details of pricing and itinerary for the Cappadocia Singletrack Weekender for September?


    • Hi Georgia. Thanks for your enquiry. The Goreme Singletrack Weekender is a brand new tour- so new in fact that we haven’t published full details online yet! It will be a centre-based 3 day trail MTB group tour featuring two full days of guided singletrack riding, transfers to and from Kayseri or Nevsehir Airport, all meals and 2 nights accommodation in an good standard cave hotel. I will send you full info, prices etc by email. Full details will appear on the website soon! Thanks, Jon

  7. Hi there,
    We are a kiwi couple (fit mid sixties) looking at you bike tours. We mainly do road biking but think we could do intermediate mountain biking like your Cappadocia or kackar tours. It’s a long way to travel from New Zealand so we are hoping to have a ride that would be around the 15 days. We were wondering what you could offer.
    Another option may be a bike tour followed by a trek or vis versa.
    We would be looking at October 2015.

    Look forward to hearing from you
    Liz Stevens

    • Hi Liz, Thanks for your mail. Our tours are mostly 8 days long, with 6 full days of cycling plus a day either side for transfers and onward transport. So, for a 15 day tour you could easily combine two tours together… If you like the idea of staying in one place, our Aegean Road Biking and Aegean Luxury Self-Guided programmes combine seamlessly, allowing space for one or two “rest days” at some of the most wonderful spots. Otherwise, you could do a MTB and road biking combo in Cappadocia. Or even two completely separate tours with an internal flight linking them. Many of our customers have enjoyed a week in Cappadocia, followed by a week on the Aegean coast. What do you think? I’ll send you an email directly as well! Hoping to hear from you soon! Best regards, Jon

  8. Hi,
    I am looking for a one week bike trip in mid August 2014 (August ~11th-18th), beginning-intermediate level. I want to see some natural beauty of Turkey but also go to some historical sites. Maybe along Aegean coast. What is a good itinerary to follow? Even better, is there an organized trip? Thanks!

    • Hi Juliana, Yes, we can organise a wonderful trip for you and have great options available both on the Aegean coast and in Cappadocia. You might prefer a self-guided or guided tour- I’ll be in touch with full options, prices etc. Thanks! Jon

  9. I’m looking for a short cycling adventure 2-3 days max in between 22-25 May intermediate level. do you guys organize anything like that ?

    • Hi Salem, yes- we can definitely organise a 2-3 day tour for you. Both guided and self-guided options are possible. I’ll send you an email with some options! Many thanks, Jon

  10. hey whatsup! I’m currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan and I’ll be moving to Turkey (Incirlik) in september. Do you guys organize other events such as competitive races?

    • Hi Adrian- nice to hear from you! We don’t currently organise competitive races but it’s not a bad idea! What kind of thing were you thinking of? What are your interests? Drop me a line at jon@bikinginturkey.com and we’ll have a chat. Jon

  11. Hi! Just wanted to check dates for the Aegean Coast Road Biking. On this page it says 12th–19th October 2013, but when I click on it for more info, it says 4th-11th October on the next page. Which date is correct? And are there still places available? Thanks!

    • Hi Sue. Many thanks for that- there was an error- the correct dates are October 4th-11th 2013. There are still places available- I’ll send you an email with some more details!

  12. Hi, there are two of us who are potentially interested in joining your 28 sept turkey mountain bike tour. I note that it is full but if there are any drop outs, we could be interested in filling the spots. Regards

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