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Leaders in specialist road cycling and mountain biking holidays in Turkey, we are an enthusiast run company with a wide range of options from relaxing coastal cycle touring to singletrack off-road trail biking. With 15 years experience in the outdoor and special interest Turkish travel sector, Biking in Turkey is a part of the family of Middle Earth Travel and offers cycling tours to the very highest standards right across our fascinating country. This site caters for everyone from keen cyclists to holidaying day trippers and includes a wealth of helpful information to get you rolling.

We are based in Goreme, Cappadocia, right in the heartland of some of the best singletrack mountain biking in the world! Our guided tours are run by qualified, multilingual, highly experienced local and international guides that lead your way and make you feel at home. But we are also originators and market leaders in boutique self-guided bike tours, allowing you to enjoy freedom and adventure with the added luxury and security of a following support car and baggage transportation. We use only the best equipment, logistical support, and accommodation and have a no expense spared approach to meals and customer service that leaves us with a reputation second to none.

DREAMLAND CAPPADOCIA – 2019 from Doruk Prodüksiyon on Vimeo.

At Middle Earth Travel we do everything possible to make your time cycling in Turkey truly memorable and we are also here to help you select or design the tour that suits you best. Expect genuine, impartial advice at every stage of your trip planning. Whatever your question, whatever your concern, we’ll do our very best to help.

All these things explain our high rating and critical acclaim. If you like the idea of cycling in this wonderfully diverse and enthralling country, you’ve come to the right place!

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26 thoughts on “Welcome to Biking in Turkey from Middle Earth Travel

    • Dear Minette,
      Yes, subject to availability we do rent our Trek bikes and e-bikes on a daily basis. Please send us an email (info@bikinginturkey.com) with your requirement!
      Best regards,

    • Hi Brittany,
      Many thanks for your email.
      We do have availability during the dates you suggest,
      Which self-guided tour are you interested in?
      We have Cappadocia Road, Cappadocia Adventure MTB and Aegean Coast Road biking options…
      Did you have any one in mind? Looking forward to hearing from you via email, Jon

  1. hello I’m in is Istanbul and today is 23 July and I was wondering if you had any self-guided bicycle tours of turkey that I could do, today until August 4 please let me know I’d love to go biking today Saturday, August 23 thank you Dan Unger @Anca Suites Hotel, Istanbul +90 216 589 24 00

    • Hi Dan, Thanks for your message. We don’t have any scheduled group tours, and normally don’t run tours in the Istanbul area. Have you considered coming to Cappadocia? That is the cycling mecca, and it’s where are head office is… There we can offer you an excellent choice in daily tours… All my best, Jon

  2. Hi Marg, nice to hear from you. We have good availability on our Specialized and Trek bikes during the dates you require. Including a good quality helmet and gloves, pump, spare tube, lock and tool kit prices are 25 Euros per day (for 2012-13 models) and 30 Euros per day (for 2014-15 models). We can fit SPD pedals at no extra cost. Please let me know if you’d like to reserve the bikes! Best regards,

    • Thank you so much Jon. Yes we would love to reserve 2 bikes @ 25 euro each from 1st June till 5th. We’ll bring our own shoes so SPD pedals would be great.
      Maybe you can furnish us with some local maps when we meet.
      Feel free to use my above email address for future correspondence.
      Regards, Marg

  3. I am interested in self guided tour during January. It is the heart of the winter so I was wondering if that’s even possible? Does it snow very heavily there at that time?

    • Hi Billy- it depends on which tour you are considering! Cappadocia is too cold and likely snow covered in January, but the Aegean Coast can be fine and very good cycling conditions. I’ll email you directly as well. Many thanks, Jon

  4. Hi Jon, wonderful website, thank you. Like others, “planning” stages of travel. Not a hard core cyclist but wanting to use it as a means of transportation. My trip would start in Instanbul, but planning to quickly depart and start an adventure. Being as I live in the Virgin Islands, beach time is not a priority, but of course I never dislike secluded new areas. I am hoping to head either East or up around the Black Sea coastline possibly. But I note you do not currently have tours there. Not sure if the John C. Is interested in doing a tour, or if he is independent cycling. I am looking mostly for the support van to carry my stuff and have accommodations made in advance. Meals I would love to wing myself, as I enjoy small out of the way local joints. I would love to begin corresponding with you to perhaps set up a plan. I have 3 weeks or more to travel. Interested in small towns, great seafood, culture and camping is fine also. Do not mind long trekking involved combined with cycling. I am not a good mtn. biker, but will hike most any where. Thanks for your help. Jodie

    • Hi Jodie, Many thanks for getting in touch…. I’m sending you an email with some ideas and options- let me know what you think!All the best, Jon

  5. Hi, hope you don’t mind me asking but I could do with some info
    I’m looking to cycle from Trabzon to Samsun before heading south through Capadoccia and on to Antalya
    Up on the Black Sea coast there aren’t to many choices when it comes to roads, are cyclists allowed on D and E roads as this seems to be the only option along this stretch of coastline ?

    • Hi John, No problem- we’re here to help! Trabzon to Samsun along the coast is probably the least attractive stretch of the Black Sea. My advice would be to head inland right from the outset, and slowly meander west across the (hilly) village roads. Cyclists are allowed on D and E roads, and normally there is a wide hard shoulder, so if you do choose to go with the coast route, you will find cycling safe and easy- if a little less picturesque. Hope that helps- have a great ride! Best regards, Jon

  6. I am interested in the Cappadocia Adventure. My wife and I are enthusiastic bike rides who ride all year round. I have a friend I would like to invite to join us but he is not a cyclist. Can you arrange to hire an e-bike for him?

    • Hi Alf. Thanks for getting in touch. We don’t have E-bikes in our fleet (yet) but are seriously considering taking the plunge. Can you recommend any models? I’ll send you a mail with some more specific information. Thanks again, Jon

  7. Hi, I will be in istanbul only sat night/sun/monday/tuesday morning(Dec, 7 8 9 10th) wordering whats best adventure on a bike I could get. Though of a regular city hour of 3-4hours plus a full day outside istanbul on best singletracks locals do when they want to hv fun! Will not carry my MTB so we need to rent. Thank you for your hints.

    • Hi Rogerio! Unfortunately we neither rent bikes or have any guided tours in the Istanbul area currently. If you come to Cappadocia though be sure to drop us a line. Enjoy Istanbul, it’s a fantastic city!

  8. We will be in Turkey June 2014 and interested in doing the Aegean road biking tour as a self guided holiday.
    I’ve noticed there are not many guided tours available in June. Is that because you feel it is too hot then?
    I would like to know how busy the roads are for safe cycling? The transfers available in the guided tour, are they the same when self guided? Many thanks. Sue.

    • Hi Sue, thanks for getting in touch. In June the Aegean coast will be warm but comfortable, and it’s still a great time to do this tour! I’ll send you an email with full details.

  9. Hello! Enver Lucas suggested that I contact you. My boyfriend and I will be in Cappadocia 5 May and 6 May, and we would like to rent bikes while we are there. Please can you help us? thank you! Lisa

  10. Hi there, my husband & I, keen MTB’ers like the look of the Turkish Lake District tour. We are going to a wedding in Kalkan the weekend of 8th June, so ideally we would like to do this tour week commencing 10th June…..is this possible?


  11. Do you have a bike tour that visits the ancient Greek/Roman and Turkish ruins near the east coast of Turkey. I would like to book a bike tour (for 1 senior & 1 adult) during the last 2 weeks of October, 2012. We need you to provide bikes and helmets. We prefer road riding, but mountain bikes are fine, if that’s the way to access the ancient ruins. We’d like to visit Behramkale/Assos, Ephesus, and maybe go south to Fethiye and Patara. But you know the area better and we welcome your suggestions. Thank you very much.
    G. Thompson
    Delta, British Columbia, Canada

  12. I want to be there right now!!! I am regretful that I fell in love with mountain biking AFTER I lived in Turkey. Such a wasted year & plane ticket. I was young & foolish & did little between beers but work! If only I had known…
    This is a beautiful site & I hope to ride with you folks in the future. We own a mountain bike shop of our own in West Virginia & are beginning our own tours. Good Luck! My goal is to sell a tour to Turkey & call you to be our guides!

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